Data & Analytics For Music Schools


What good is web traffic and marketing if you can’t measure the results?

If your web tracking is non-existent, or if it’s broken and out of date, you are missing out on tons of valuable, highly actionable data. I can help with that.


The first step is to properly install a tracking platform, like Google Analytics, on your website. By doing so, you can see where your traffic is coming from, how long users are staying, and what actions they perform on the site.

You can also install Google Search Console, a program that allows you to see which phrases users are searching to find your website.

Installing  Analytics will also allow you to measure the effectiveness of Google Ads or Bing campaigns (or any advertising channel); in short, you can’t measure web performance without it.


Do you know what actions people are performing on your website? Are they clicking that “learn more” button, or are they clicking the phone button on your homepage?

I can install “conversion” events on your website which will allow you to measure exactly which actions your web users are taking. This can inform your web design, marketing efforts, and so much more — after all data is the foundation for  every digital marketing campaign.

All told, you can see how much traffic your website is getting, how that traffic is behaving, and where it came from — let’s start analyzing your data today.